The Qonnect

The African Perspective with Ras Mutabaruka - S3 E9

July 20, 2022 Qali Id Season 3 Episode 9
The Qonnect
The African Perspective with Ras Mutabaruka - S3 E9
Show Notes

On this episode of The Qonnect, Qali speaks with Ras Mutabaruka, Rwandan Canadian entrepreneur, media maker, and community-builder whose ingenuity, creativity and faith in humanity have allowed him to carve, from circumstances of struggle and migration, a life of passion, vision and enduring, Inexhaustible love for the continent of his birth. Moses has founded TAP Media Ltd (TAP Magazine Parent Company) after being frustrated with seeing how Africa and Africans were often portrayed in global media. TAP is a Pan-African media platform that tells African stories from an African perspective with a mission to re-brand Africa. One story at a time. In 2017, TAP reached over 7 Million Africans.

Ras and Qali dive into the importance of storytelling, directing our narrative, the creative economy and the impact of living between cultures.

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The Homecoming Series

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